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Becoming the Marketing Material for your Business

There are all kinds of resources and materials you could use to make people aware of what you have. All of the standard marketing tools are great and all, but nothing compares to you.

If you have something to offer people, you must know how to make that offer without being intrusive or annoying. You need to listen to your people and know when the right time is.

You will find as you get used to building relationships of trust through marketing, that people are more than willing to give you opportunities to educate them about what you have to offer.

This is your purpose as a consultant.

You are in this business to share a product.

That is the reason for the business.

If you want to share the product effectively, you must know the product inside and out.

You need to listen to what people are saying in the midst of conversations.

The key to relationship marketing is the relationship.

If you are an effective marketer, there isn’t the need to bring your product up all the time.

You are in the education business, and you are always happy to educate people on things related to what you have to offer, but you are never the pushy salesman.

Being the pushy salesman will get you nowhere.

If every time people see you, they know you are going to start pitching your thing, they aren’t going to want to see you anymore.

On the other hand, if you are a plethora of knowledge, and you are always adding value and insight to the conversation, you can’t go wrong.

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships.

An exchange relationship isn’t just about exchanging money. It is exchanging ideas.

If you are building a relationship through marketing, you are building it based on ideas.

If you have a lot of knowledge about subjects related to the products you have to offer, you are going to build trust by exchanging the right information at the right time.

If you want to be successful in this industry, you must learn to take your education seriously.

Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”.

In order for your customers to recognize the value, they have to see it for themselves.

If you are in a conversation about a subject related to your product, throw out the facts. Share the stats. Show off what you know. And then after you educate them through the exchange of ideas, you let them know in passing, you have a product that can help them get what they want.

You make them want it by providing the right information and showing that you are an authority on the subject. You know a lot more than they do.

From a sales process engineering perspective, marketing is “a set of processes that are interconnected and interdependent with other functions of a business aimed at achieving customer interest and satisfaction”

You have to have a process in place.

You need to listen, know what you are talking about, be able to educate and tell your prospects about what you have in a seamless way. The more educated you are, the more in the know you are.

This comes down to taking time out to learn new things.

Learn all of the different ways your product is connected to the conversations you have, and understand your product so well, that it flows naturally into whatever you are talking about.

Marketing practice tended to be seen as a creative industry in the past, which included advertising, distribution and selling. However, because the academic study of marketing makes extensive use of social sciences, psychology, sociology, mathematics, economics, anthropology and neuroscience, the profession is now widely recognized as a science, allowing numerous universities to offer Master-of-Science (MSc) programs.

Learn a little bit about Sociology and Psychology. Learn about the economics of marketing. Become educated about every subject related to your product. That includes how you get the word out about it.

These days, big money is going into AI.

AI is better than people because it follows direct pathways to make the process run as efficiently as possible.

It learns from its mistakes and immediately applies that knowledge to all future processes. As a result, it becomes very efficient.

You and I might not be able to break the variables down like AI can, but we can align our brain in such a way, so that we can be a lot more productive.

Develop a program mindset around your process.

If you have a bug, remove it.

If what you do doesn’t work after a while, change it up a little.

One small part of the process can make all the difference in the world.

Here is what you need to remember.

You caught the vision of what your company has to offer, or you wouldn’t have joined.

This means other people can see it the same way.

You just have to transfer that knowledge in a way that doesn’t intimidate or alienate.

You become the perfect marketing brochure.

Let people know what you have to offer by offering your expertise.

Always provide useful insight in every conversation and you will have no problem growing your business.

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