Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing – Build a Business Using Person to Person Strategy

Relationship marketing is one of the best ways to earn some extra money.

My name is Chris, and I am a Financial Freedom Consultant, here to point you in the right direction when it comes to making money in the best side gig on Earth.

Relationship marketing is not about pushing your friends and family into joining your business. A lot of people who get involved in relationship marketing try to take that approach, but it isn’t really a wise approach, and it won’t really yield any results.

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. With its focus on the customer, marketing is one of the primary components of business management.


Let’s evaluate the definition of marketing and explore why it is so vital to have a real understanding of what marketing is.

Marketing is about exchanging ideas. It is about providing valuable information and insight into whatever it is that you are selling. It is also about the conversation of dialog leading up to that transaction. Don’t think of marketing as trying to sell your product to people you have a relationship with. Look at marketing as a way to build that relationship by trading valuable information. Don’t use every conversation to promote your business. Be strategic about it. Let them make recommendations to you, and when recommending the product, do it in such a way as to educate.

There are still a lot of professionals in the industry who tell you to immediately go out and talk to everyone you know. This is because it increases your chances of talking to anyone at all. If you sit on the sidelines you will never build your business.

I recommend the more strategic, long term approach because you are building stability in your organization and developing people who have the right mindset just like you. The massive action you take needs to be getting as much information as you can, so you can communicate with your prospects effectively about the products you have to offer them.

Learn to listen to your prospects and again use marketing, or the exchange of ideas with your prospect to steer the conversation. Listen for those moments in the conversation that will allow you to bring up your products, or even your opportunity if that is the mindset. Part of this is learning to respond to different personality types in different ways.

Learning this is going to expand your horizons. You are going to meet a lot of new people and have a lot of fun.

I realize that I might sound like a Debbie downer. I am not saying that you can’t come into this and recoup your money in less than 30 days, but that doesn’t happen for most people. However, those who learn the process, and stick to it, can literally make their financial dreams their life. And that is the truth. It really is that simple.

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