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Stimulating Creativity and Passion with your Content Marketing Strategy

I am a big fan of blogging obviously.

I think it is one of the best ways to get the bang for your buck, especially long term. A blog is going to continue to get more exposure over time, providing you are coming up with fresh content that is unique and engaging.

This fresh content will help you in your conversations with people too.

Content will drive your passion, but how do you keep coming up with that creative content?

Being creative is often times easier said than done.

Sometimes we are in a creative mode, and sometimes we aren’t.

Always be ready to write down ideas

If you want to keep your creative juices flowing when you sit down to write content, keep them flowing throughout your day. Sometimes we get ideas on a whim, and if we don’t take the time to write those ideas down, or keep notes, we might not remember.

Always be thinking creatively and the minute you get an idea, write a note about it.

Keep a swipe file of cool advertisements you see, or things that get your creative juices flowing.

You will be surprised how much more you remember, when you write down your thoughts throughout the day. This step alone is enough to keep your creative juices going. And it reemphasizes the idea. Whenever you take the time to write something down, or think about it in the moment, it becomes that much more a part of your overall awareness.

Always be Reading

Reading stimulates creativity.

It gives you ideas, and sometimes it helps us see things beyond our own short sighted point of view.

Sometimes it even helps to read things you normally wouldn’t.

Sometimes you have to change the vibration and the flow of energy.

An easy way to do this is take in content that you normally would not look at.

Look at different things and change your routine up. Examine different writing styles and perspectives.

Look at what other people in your industry are saying. What is your competition saying?

Do all of the research you can do, and read everything you can get your hands on. If you read, and pay attention to what you read, you will never lose that creative flow.

Do something unrelated

One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing if you hit a wall, is to do something different.

Walk away for a little while. Get outside and do some yard work. Walk around the grocery store. Unplug and look for insight in the sights and sounds around you.

Putting yourself under pressure can definitely put a stop to creative energy.

Creativity needs to breathe. It needs to flow naturally.

This means you need to set yourself free of the feeling of deadlines.

If you hit a wall, go do something else instead of sitting there in front of your computer trying to come up with something.

Make a list of 100 random things

This is something that works for me every time.

Open up a word document, or a notepad and just start writing.

Keep writing until you have written down 100 thoughts.

Here I go.

I see green grass.

The freeway is busy today.

I hope I have time to make it happen.

I wonder what it would be like to go skydiving.

I am sure Albert Einstein was smart.

These are just random thoughts, but inside the randomness, there are numerous content ideas.

Let’s look at the first one.

“I see green grass.”

Let’s think about light and color for instance.

If I see something green, it is green because it the light being reflected is in that part of the spectrum, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish color.

I can continue to break down this thought.

This one sentence could provide articles worth of content.

Look at the second one.

Time management is always an important topic to write about.

Having hope is also a fun and important topic.

I can combine these two thoughts or break it down even further.

The point is that randomness can definitely stimulate creativity.

Be random in your thought process and don’t be afraid to explore those random ideas deeper.

Look at the last one.

Albert Einstein has many different quotes.

Each of those quotes have a lot of useful content that you can write about.

Creativity can come from anywhere.

You simply have to look for it, and wait on it.

Trust yourself to come up with the right content and let it flow

Sometimes just writing your thoughts down and letting them flow will give you the best content.

The key is to always be writing and thinking and capturing those thoughts.

Often times you can use a voice recorder applications to transcribe your thoughts later.

Be willing to let yourself go with the content without putting too much thought into it.

You know exactly what you need to say on a subconscious level.

Sometimes the conscious mind and our own self limiting beliefs can get in the way.

If you let yourself go and don’t think about it, you can always come back and edit your thoughts.

Creativity is one of the most important things you must have if you want to be successful and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Be prepared to showcase your own way of thinking, and know that you are truly the master of your destiny.

Learn to visualize the outcome of your content

Whenever you are writing content, be specific with it. While you want to let your creative juices flow, you also want to have a reason for that particular piece of content. Every piece of content you write needs to have real take away value, so the question is this. What exactly do you want the piece of content you are about to publish, to do for your business. What do you want the results of that content to be.

What group of people or demographic is going to take action because of that content? What exact action are they going to take.

The more specific you are about visualizing the result of the content you are writing, the better that content will be, and the better it will convert.

You have to know what your content is going to accomplish, or there isn’t any direction in it.

You have to exchange the right ideas with your prospect by creating value, and understanding your call to action.

Love your product

This is the most important thing you can do in your content marketing strategy.

You MUST love and be passionate about your product. The more you know about it, the more passionate you are going to be. Education is key. Educate yourself beyond the information on your company website. Break down all of the features, benefits, and overall advantages to your product, and get passionate about telling others.

Writing about a subject you actually know about is one of the simplest ways to stimulate creativity.

There are a billion different ways you can write about the same thing.


You can write about the same thing in a billion different ways.


Just think about all of the different ways you can express yourself.


The English language gives us a plethora of ways that we can respond to any circumstance. Self expression is the key.


Once you know about something, you can write about it forever.

That is what you will do.

Write about it one way, and then stimulate your creative juices to express it in another way.

Even if you have two different articles talking about the same thing, if they are spoken from different points of view, or written for a particular point of view, they are effective pieces of content.

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